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Green Meadows Organics
TO ORDER: 506-534-2262
Welcome to Green Meadows Organics
     -home of top quality, organic, pasture raised meats.
Green Meadows is a 125-acre family farm, owned and operated by David & Sandra Bunnett with their three children, located in the village of Havelock, situated approximately 30 miles west of Moncton, NB. The farm produces organic meats, including grass fed beef, pasture raised chicken, turkey and pork, as well as organic eggs and vegetables.

On the farm healthy living is our focus. Our animals are all raised on pasture (in season) allowing them to express their individual traits such as grazing, rooting or scratching. We believe raising healthy, happy animals makes for the healthiest choice for all.

Green Meadows Organics ®  4663 Rt 880, Havelock, New Brunswick  E4Z5L2
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life on our farm 
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Site updated Mar11, 2014
     The bright sunny, cold days of the winter months are enjoyable ones on the farm. When chores get done up, Dave and the boys have enjoyed going to the woods to bring up next year's firewood.  At this time of year the schedule also allows for a few family hockey games at a neighbors outdoor rink.  Dave continues to enjoy his Saturday mornings on the farm and our  bi-weekly deliveries to the Moncton area continue to go well.  As we plan for the coming growing season, we are thankful for the less hurried days of winter.
                          David, Sandra, Marta, Jacob & Daniel
Bi-weekly Deliveries:
 Our next delivery dates are Mar.19th and Apr.2nd. 
We will be at the 
Riverview Chocolate River Station from 4-4:30pm and at The Dieppe Market 
from 5-6pm.
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    Our youngest son Daniel, now has rabbits for sale $6/lb.     Jacob  has organic grass fed chevon (goat meat) for sale.  Sides available at $4.50/lb hanging weight or $7/lb by the piece. Please fell free to contact us for more information.

Other Products Available for Delivery: 
       - Organic Pork Lard
        -Organic Chicken Fat (great for frying and baking)