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Green Meadows Farm
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Beef Price List
                                                            price per lb
 Ground Beef                                           $7.00
 Ground Beef Patties                              $7.50  
 Beef Sausage (gluten free)                   $8.50
 Stew Meat                                                $7.00
 Stir Fry Strips                                          $7.00

 Round Steak                                            $7.00
 Blade Steak                                              $7.00
 Flank Steak                                              $7.00
 Sirloin Tip Steak                                     $7.00

Grilling Steaks:
 Top Sirloin Steak                                    $14.00
 Rib Steak                                                  $14.00
 T-Bone Steak (filet removed)               $14.00
 T-bone Steak (with filet)                       $16.00
 Striploin                                                    $16.00
 Tenderloin                                                $22.oo

 Roasts with Bone In                                $5.00
 (includes Blade, Rump)
 Boneless Roasts                                       $7.00
 (includes Cross Rib, Shoulder, 
 Sirloin Tip, Brisket and Round)
 Roast - Prime Rib                                   $10.00

 Short Ribs  & Shank Steak                     $5.00
 Liver, Heart, Tongue,Cheeks                 $4.00
 Soup Bones                                               $3.50

Individual Cuts
 Front 40lb Box      $300
 7.5lbs Rib Steak
 7.5lbs Short Ribs/Soup Bones
 15lbs Roasts (Cross Rib, Shoulder or Brisket)
 10lbs Ground Beef
 Hind 40lb Box     $360
 15lbs Grilling Steaks (Tenderloin, T-Bone, Rib Steak or Top Sirloin)
 5lbs Sirloin Tip Steaks or Roasts
 20lbs Round Cuts (your choice of round steak, stew meat, stir fry strips, roasts) 

 Mixed 40lb Box    $330
 10lbs Grilling Steaks (Tenderloin, T-Bone, Rib Steak or Top Sirloin)
10lbs Boneless Roasts
10lbs Round Cuts (your choice of round steak, stew meat, stir fry strips or roasts)
10lbs Ground Beef

 Family Pack      $100
  2 pkgs stew meat
 2 pkgs stir fry strips
 2 beef roast
ground beef to make a total of 15lbs
Steak Box     $150
1.5lbs Tenderloin
3 lbs Top Sirloin Steak
3 lbs T-Bone (filet removed)
3 lbs Rib Steak
$150 Beef Box
10 lbs Ground Beef
3 lbs Grilling Steaks
2 x 2.5 lb Beef Roasts
2lbs  Beef Stew Meat/Stir Fry

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Beef in Bulk - sorry, as of present, (Fall 2015), we will no longer be selling beef by the quarter, side or whole. We have decreased in our beef numbers and in order to serve the majority of our customers we are no longer able to sell in the bulk format.  We appreciate your interest in our product and hope you will find the packages will remain a viable option for you.